We take a data-driven approach to problem solving…our focus is on rapid, step-change improvements that can be measured and scaled. Our approach is simple, yet long lasting – Assess, Action, Automate

  • Assess

    Assess the core business; refine and drill down into top opportunities; size and prioritize

  • Action

    Action solutions that can be executed in a timely, low intensity way; launch and iterate is key

  • Automate

    Achieve consistent and measurable results; rinse and repeat through automation and coaching

Anant’s approach to Digital Transformation is firmly grounded in his deep experiences as an Advisor and an Operating Executive. While he often begins with issues that are top of mind for senior executives, he works side by side with all levels in the organization to coach, refine, and implement.

Digital Transformation 5-Step Approach

(1) Define the Customer Value Proposition: drill into customer objectives, interests, and requirements via
– Customer segmentation
– Customer journeys and touchpoint mapping

(2) Design all critical Go-To-Market activities for an omni-channel world, with a customer centric lens, e.g.,
– Supply Chain Management
– Service Operations
– Sales Strategy
– Product Development

(3) Operationalize through tight links between company specific objectives and customer touchpoints…set targets and measure performance

(4) Optimize rapidly via Continuous Improvements
– Ongoing feedback loops
– Customer specific, quick wins
– Structural improvements

(5) Integrate into Company DNA through
– Employee training
– Performance management (including rewards & recognition)
– Tools & technology